A doctor is available by phone, (518) 885-5535, for emergency consultations. For after-hours emergencies, our answering service will page the doctor on call until 10pm every day except Friday and some holidays. If you have not received a call back from the doctor within one half hour, please call the clinic phone number again and have the doctor paged again. Depending on the problem, some patients can be triaged by phone call, some may be seen at our clinic, and others may need to be seen at a fully staffed emergency facility.

PDF: Emergency Receiving Questionnaire

We utilize two local emergency clinics:

Capital District Animal Emergency
Website: www.ivghospitals.com/hospital/capital-district-veterinary-referral-hospital
Phone: (518) 785-1094

Northway Animal Emergency Clinic
Website: www.northwayeclinic.com
Phone: (518) 761-2602