At Harmony Veterinary Clinic, we know that avian and small mammal companion animals can be an integral part of the family, and we treat them accordingly.

Our companion bird and “pocket pet” species are mostly prey species in the wild, so they tend to hide illnesses and injuries until disease is fairly advanced. For this reason, if your bird or small pet is acting “off” at all, please do not wait to bring them to see us. We also strongly recommend annual examinations to try to detect problems early enough to treat them.

We are constantly increasing the scope of what we do with avian and small mammal patients, but we recognize when we reach the limits of our ability and will assist you with referral if needed to get the level of care that your pet requires.

If your pet has a problem that we are not equipped to handle at this time, we will gladly refer you and your pet to the experts in the field.