Our veterinarians and staff understand how difficult it is to leave your pet with us for any procedure involving anesthesia and surgery. We reassure our clients that each patient is closely monitored by a veterinary technician, and also by state-of-the-art technology measuring ECG, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry, and end-tidal CO2. We take the precaution of pre-anesthetic testing appropriate to each case. Each pet recovers from anesthesia under direct observation, with warming as needed using methods including the “Hugger,” a circulating warm air blanket.

Balanced anesthesia, using smaller doses of multiple anesthetic agents, provides smoother induction and recovery while minimizing side-effects. Pain management is an absolute priority for our patients. When used before, during and after a procedure, pain relief not only makes the experience much better for your pet, it lowers the amount of anesthetic drugs needed.

We provide a large variety of surgical procedures at our clinic. If a patient’s needs involve expertise or equipment which is outside our comfort zone, then we are quick to recommend referral to an appropriate specialist or institution. We believe that, through knowing our strengths in general practice, we can meet the needs of our patients and clients in the safest possible way.